Get the Equipment You Need Through Financing or Leasing

With the right equipment, your business can experience a boost in profits and productivity. Unfortunately, buying equipment upfront isn’t always plausible. That’s why equipment financing and leasing programs from exist. Whether you want to eventually own your equipment or just rent it temporarily, we have the solutions your company needs to thrive and expand.

Our Programs

Our sale and leaseback option allows you to use existing equipment equity you have as working capital. We purchase the equipment and lease it to you. Once all your payments are complete, you own the equipment.

We also offer programs specifically for municipal entities and government agencies, such as libraries, public schools, police departments, federal government agencies, firehouses, and armed services.

Get the Used and New Equipment You Need

You can get any equipment you need, including:

  • Point-of-sale terminals
  • Computer software and hardware
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Office furniture
  • Medical devices
  • Telephone systems
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Construction equipment

No matter what industry you’re in, you can get your hands on the tools and supplies you need to generate more revenue.

The Benefits

Our leasing and financing programs have the following features:

  • Low, fixed monthly payments
  • Great interest rates
  • Fast application approvals
  • Payments plans for as long as 84 months

When you lease or finance your business equipment, you can free up cash for other expenses and eliminate the chances of buying equipment that will become obsolete. You’ll also get tax and accounting benefits.

Contact our equipment finance experts to learn how we can meet your needs.