Why You Need a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan for Your Business

Many businesses, large and small, have a difficult time getting approved for loans, especially if they don’t have the best credit history. If you have been turned down for one or more business loans recently, you may be a good candidate for the competitive stated income commercial real estate program at CCLaisez Faire Commercial Financing. Approval through this program is based on the value of the property you’re acquiring instead of being based primarily on your credit history.

As long as the piece of real estate you’re trying to purchase is valued high enough to cover the insurance, mortgage, taxes and other fees associated with the property, your chances of being approved are good. You don’t have to show as much paperwork for this type of loan as you do for a standard loan, and the approval process is faster and easier.

Loan Basics

Whether you deal in real estate, warehouses, apartments, restaurants or other business types, a stated income loan may be a great choice for your business. Here are a few loan basics you should familiarize yourself with before applying:

  • Loans are amortized and come with fixed rates out to 25 years
  • A qualifying credit store of 600 or higher is required
  • W-2 or self-employment documentation must be presented when applying
  • Qualifying businesses can receive up to $500,000
  • Up to 75% loan-to-value (LTV) for mixed use or multifamily properties with at least 5 units
  • Non-owner occupied investment properties with 1 – 4 units may receive up to 70% LTV
  • Warehouses, auto services, self-storage, offices and retail businesses can receive up to 65% LTV
  • The funds you receive can be used for any needed purpose, including debt consolidation, refinancing and/or purchasing
  • Practically all property types will be considered for approval

Don’t worry about your lack of credit history or your less-than-perfect credit score. As long as the property you’re financing meets qualifications, your approval chances are high.

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